Reasons To Do Pedicure

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Nail beauty and cleanliness must be maintained. Especially if you often meet and get acquainted with many people. Shining fingers and nails will give a good first impression. You can get this beauty services at home by using our apps.

Not only hands that need to get manicure treatment, but the toes must also be treated with a pedicure. There are two main reasons why feet should get a pedicure. The first is to make feet clean, and the second to get sexy toes when wearing sandals or open shoes.

When you go to the salon to pamper yourself, usually pedicure is not so important to do. You might skip this one-foot treatment. However, did you know that pedicure has benefits?

1. Pedicure Prevents Infection
If you don’t routinely use a moisturizer on the feet, a pedicure is one effective way to moisturize the skin of the feet. Moisturizing the feet will prevent chapped skin that can cause infection.

2. Removes Calluses
Extra moisturizer can also eliminate and prevent calluses. Massaging the feet using nutritious lotion to moisturize the soles of the feet vulnerable to calluses.

3. Support a Healthier Lifestyle
Many rumors say that foot massage can improve circulation. This can happen indirectly, but still effective. Foot massage is useful to reduce anxiety and bring a pleasant sensation of relaxation for the body.

It is important to know, on the surface of the foot there is a reflex point called the solar plexus. This solar plexus is a kind of dot that contains all sources of stress in the body. If you regularly massage or do a reflection on the feet, you can slowly get rid of stress.

4. Good for joints
Pedicure involves massaging and soaking in warm water. The activity was, in fact, able to reduce problems in the joints. This is because massage on the feet can reduce stiffness in the joints. In addition, soaking your feet in warm water can also reduce the pressure and pain in the joints.

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